Fans welcome 1912 Pompey crest return

The new Pompey crest
The new Pompey crest
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POMPEY fans have voted to change the club’s crest from next season.

The 2015/16 kit, which fans are also set to get a say on, will sport a traditional star and crescent design on a Swiss-shield.

It is based on the 1912-style crest, which was put on the commemorative Pompey Pals home shirt this season in honour of First World War heroes.

Almost 5,000 fans took part in a vote – 55 per cent said they would like to see the club re-adopt a design based on the 1912 style.

The key change to the 1912-style is the new crest will feature an eight-point star alongside the crescent rather than a five-point one, as well as incorporating subtle shading elements.

Fans said they feel changing the badge reflects the club moving into a new era.

Will Hahn-Griffiths, 43, of Chaffinch Green, Waterlooville, said: ‘I love the design, it’s old-style retro with a modern twist.

‘It gives the club its history back, while removing the last remnant of recent years when the club was brought to an inch of existence. I wanted a modern twist on the 1912 badge, and this one looks wonderful. I cannot wait to wear the badge.’

And fellow Pompey supporter Alex Reid said: ‘It’s time to leave the current one behind, as it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

‘The club is ours now, let’s rebrand it into ours.’

Pompey’s PR consultant Colin Farmery, was in charge of the consultation.

He said: ‘I’m sure fans will be pleased with the new crest. It very much draws on the club’s past and means we will be returning to a timeless design used for almost 70 years from 1912.

‘The styling of the badge has given it a more contemporary feel, but at its heart it is faithful to the best traditions of the club.

‘We are fortunate to have an iconic crest which is instantly recognisable around the country without the need for words.’

Another set of consultative votes is planned to start on Monday for next season’s kits and the new crest will appear on the options.