Fans welcome Pompey’s new owners long term vision for the club

FAITHFUL Fans in the stands
FAITHFUL Fans in the stands
Jamal Lowe sends a shot towards goal in Pompey's match at Plymouth. Picture: Joe Pepler/Digital South

Plymouth 0 Pompey 0: they said what?

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THE new Pompey owners are right to be playing the long game with the club’s infrastructure, fans have said.

The club’s chairman Vladimir Antonov revealed revealed that a five-year improvement plan will focus on football rather than development of a new stadium.

And fans say the new owners have their priorities right.

Fan Colin Petchey said: ‘I think they have the right idea, build a strong foundation of the team, then a stadium.’

And they also say they are keen to buy back land around Fratton Park which is still owned by Sacha Gaydamak.

Fans are unanimous in wanting the land back under Pompey’s control, but say it will be a waiting game to get it.

Scott McLachlan, of the Pompey Supporters’ Trust, said: ‘They’re in no hurry, and they shouldn’t be really because we’re only getting 14,000 people to games.

‘The only people Mr Gaydamak can sell the land to is Pompey, so they’re in a great position.’