First ticket given out to deserving Pompey fan

Jamie Kasper
Jamie Kasper

Gaffer: Surreal experience but a deserved Pompey win

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THE first recipients of free Pompey tickets have been chosen!

News readers made their nominations of people who deserve to watch Pompey’s first home game of the season tomorrow against Oxford United.

They were in the running to get two tickets from Pompey’s 12th Man Pay4aPompeyPal scheme, which hands out match-day tickets to people who really deserve them. The scheme will run in conjunction with The News for each home match this season.

And out of the short list, one name leapt out for the sheer hard work he has done behind the scenes to raise more than £10,000 for the Pompey Supporters’ Trust, the majority owners of Portsmouth Football Club.

That winner was Jamie Kasper, the organiser of the successful Play Up Pompey Music Festival, who will be able to take a fellow fan with him to the match.

He was nominated by Maggi Bridgman, a friend of one of Jamie’s school friends.

He said: ‘Thanks very much to Maggi and to those who helped with the festival, specifically the Raketeers and Scaramanga, and the Underground Pilots did everybody proud. I’d also like to thank Scott Mclachlan and John Hicks for being my wingmen for the 16 days.’

As part of the giveaway we also invited nominations for young people to be Pompey mascots.

The first winner is Matthew Luton, aged eight, who was born with severe acid reflux, and will have to live with it for the rest of his life.

He was nominated by his aunts, Christine and Sally, for being brave and not complaining even when he cannot eat or drink the same things as other little boys.

Christine said: ‘He also has damage to the throat caused by the acid from reflux.

‘Matthew does not complain and accepts he can’t have a lot of things his friends are able to have.

‘He is a brave little boy.’

Matthew was recently selected to play for Crofton Saints Youth Football Clubfirst team, and is described as an avid Pompey fan.

His mum, Jo Luton, thanked his aunts and said: ‘He’ll be really chuffed!’

Did you or someone you nominated miss out this time?

Don’t worry – all the nominees are being kept for future games, so there’s no need to re-send.

If you want to nominate anyone for either the deserving fan ticket scheme or for the mascot opportunity, email