Football fans state their views on Pompey takeover

Left, Michael Eisner
Left, Michael Eisner
New Pompey keeper Craig MacGillivray is one of five early recruits

Rapid Pompey in a hurry to recruit

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We asked football fans at 1000 Lakeside what they think of the Pompey takeover bid from American billionaire, Michael Eisner.

Here’s a selection of their views...

Mike Lovell, 23, who works for Lead Forensics: ‘I’d like to think this could mean an upgrade to the facilities at Fratton Park. The money could restore Pompey’s former glory and get us back into the Premier League.’

Mo Hassan, 25, who works for The News’ advertising department: ‘We’ve been done over in the past, but this could be great. It could see us catch up with Southampton and get into the Premier League.’

Tyler pay, 20, who works for Market Makers: ‘If this man’s a football fan, then I believe it could be good. A club that gets 15,000 fans at the stadium every weekend should at least be a League One club.’

Alex Gauntlett, 24, who works for Vail Williams: ‘I’ve got mixed thoughts. The club is being run well at the moment, but more money could be good. I don’t want us to get into debt, we’re in profit at the moment.’

Kane Goddard, 19, who works for Lead Forensics: ‘It’s an excellent idea, it would get the club back to the top where it should be and always belonged. You can’t make this decision based on the bad times in the past.’

Kamal Maskriy, 26, who works for Lead Forensics: ’I think this is exciting, but it would be interesting to know whether Mr Eisner has the club’s long-term goals in his interests. Fan ownership of the club has been going well.’

Rob Fagan, 25, who works for Carrington West: ‘This money could upgrade facilities at Fratton Park and also help throughout the local community. I’d be optimistic about this takeover bid.’

Simon Everett, 50, who works for Babcock: ‘I can see why people would be concerned. You don’t know a person’s intent long-term. They might do nothing for the club or the fans, but you’d hope they would develop it and make it better.’

Rich McDonald, 33, who works for Lead Forensics: ‘We need money and we need to climb the leagues again. Fratton Park is unique, but to bring us into the new age, we need a newer and bigger stadium.’

Michael Lock, 23, who works for Market Makers: ‘This could be good if the club isn’t completely taken over. It could help with transfers, Pompey shouldn’t be in League Two, they are a Championship or Premier League team.’