Forget talk of youngsters - Pompey need experience

Danny Rose. Picture: Joe Pepler
Danny Rose. Picture: Joe Pepler
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SUPPORTERS are continuing to have their say on the issues emerging from Fratton Park as the season draws to a close.

The lack of a development squad after Theo Widdrington announced he’s leaving the club has generated plenty of debate. Fans on The News’ Pompey Facebook page Portsmouth FC – The News and are all keen to get their views across. Here’s a selection of those thoughts.

• Of course we want to see our youth players coming through into the senior side: there’s nothing better.

But experience is essential. Had we had that experience, particularly in midfield, I think we would have made the play-offs. Kenny made mistakes and got rid of Baker, Roberts and then didn’t use Evans and Rose enough in the early season.

Lorraine Wells

• It’s okay bringing youth through but if Rose and Evans had played earlier we could’ve been pushing for top six.

Shawn Woodward

• Fair enough. No point keeping Widdringtin who isn’t going to get in to the squad

If his departure allows us wiggle room to bring in a decent experienced player, then that is what is important.

I said it the other day, if he can’t even get in to the squad ahead of Adam May, then really is he good enough to stay?

Jake Meyers

• If we are looking at going forward we should have both experience and keep hold of promising young talent.

It’s not rocket science and why is Jackett not spelling this out loud and clear to the owners.

John Ellerton

• Billionnaire owners but releasing our youth and trying to bring in ‘experienced’ players, no development squad and sticking to the same budget as last season.

But hey, at least they are trademarking the term ‘Pompey’.

Dan Lacey

• Hope Rose comes back fit and strong. He’s got a couple more months’ training to get back to normal. Hope he plays some of the friendlies before the league starts again.

Damien Shires

• Clarke had to be the clear favourite for player of the year; only Pitman could really offer a decent counter-argument. Lowe has improved as the season has gone on, but Clarke has been immense from day one.

Matt Loten