Guy’s looking towards moment of truth

7/9/12      spt''Pompey training at the Eastleigh training Ground. Pictured is Guy Whittingham moving a sprinkler which sprayed some players''Picture: Paul Jacobs (122949-1)
7/9/12 spt''Pompey training at the Eastleigh training Ground. Pictured is Guy Whittingham moving a sprinkler which sprayed some players''Picture: Paul Jacobs (122949-1)
Former Rotherham boss Kenny Jackett Picture: Bruce Rollinson

Pompey boss: No grudges on Rotherham return

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It’s Pompey’s date with destiny.

Guy Whittingham can see December 14 on the horizon – and he knows it will be looming large for all of us before we know it.

In a fortnight’s time, the Pompey Supporters’ Trust will have their moment of truth in the High Court as they find out the sale valuation of Fratton Park, which Balram Chainrai’s Portpin, of course, has a charge over.

It’s a date which is likely to be definitive in deciding the future of the club, with the worst-case scenario liquidation.

The hope is the Blues will be able to exit administration shortly after their D-Day.

It’s a sentiment which is keeping Pompey’s caretaker boss and his team going.

Whittingham has the date down as the club’s red-letter day, a watershed moment which can allow his planning for the future to kick into gear.

With all players still on month-to-month deals the hope is they will finally be able to be offered more secure contracts.

‘That date’s the end game of all this that’s been going on,’ said Whittingham, as he allowed himself a glance in the direction of the big day.

‘We go to December 13 or 14 thinking we are where we are.

‘First and foremost we have to perform and get a result before that.

‘You work on things that are a week away and then that date will come up very quickly.

‘It would be great to think we can then get players in longer term.

‘Hopefully we’ll find out that – if everything goes for us – we’re out of administration very quickly afterwards.’

The run-up to last week’s emergency loan window close told Whittingham his club still remains an attraction to players.

Alex Cisak and Jake Jervis arrived before the Oldham keeper’s return to Boundary Park this week.

January is very much on Whittingham’s mind now and the squad reshaping that will need to take place.

He knows he will be able to rely on Pompey’s standing in the game to attract targets – if he can push on make the changes that are being planned for by the coaching team.

The Pompey caretaker boss said: ‘There are a lot of people out there that do want to come here because they know what a good football club it is and what a great set of fans we have. Whenever we approach agents, players or clubs, the word’s coming back to us that the players would like to come down here and play because it’s a great football club.

‘Something out there is out and about that it is a decent place to come.

‘Whether it is the atmosphere at the training ground, the training, the club itself, the history of the club, the fans, who knows?

‘It’s really down to this football club that it could draw players like Cisak and Jervis – and they wanted to come here, as well.

‘That is a big plus side we have got being here – we can attract players.

‘When these players find out this football club wants them they are very eager.

‘Everybody is playing their part and making sure this club is a good club and we have great staff here.

‘It would be a fantastic boost if we can finally come out of administration next month.’