Halford: It’s never been this bad

114115-753_WATFORD_POMPEY_SR_19/11/11'Action from Watford vs Pompey at Vicarage Road.'Greg Halford.''Picture:Steve Reid 114115-753
114115-753_WATFORD_POMPEY_SR_19/11/11'Action from Watford vs Pompey at Vicarage Road.'Greg Halford.''Picture:Steve Reid 114115-753
Jamal Lowe in action at Southend. Picture: Joe Pepler

Jackett lays down Pompey goal challenge to Lowe

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Greg Halford warned the Football League: We still need more players.

The Pompey defender vowed the extent of his side’s squad woes have never been seen before.

And he insisted it’s down to the league to act to remedy a problem which has become ‘impossible’ to deal with.

Pompey travelled to Barnsley on Saturday with nine fit senior outfield players.

The desperate nature of that situation saw George Thorne recruited on emergency loan.

Administrator Trevor Birch has spoken to the Football League about recruiting more bodies but fears that bid may have fallen on deaf ears.

It appears the league have moved the goalposts from working to the 20-man squad number Pompey adhered to when last in administration.

With 15 games to go, Halford has welcomed the challenge of staying in the division.

But the 27-year-old, who is battling to return from a knee injury against Leeds on Saturday, believes more needs to be done to allow his team to compete fairly.

Halford said: ‘It’s been an impossible task and finally the league realised that.

‘That allowed us to bring George in.

‘Hopefully they will allow us to bring a few more in to enable us to compete over the rest of the season.

‘We’re not asking for any special treatment.

‘Everyone can see that the squad is down to the bare bones. It’s horrible.

‘It’s impossible to keep the same side week-in, week-out especially with three games a week.

‘Hopefully common sense can prevail now.

‘We’ve got George and hopefully we can get a few more, which will allow us to become competitive.

‘We’re majorly off that number at the moment (20 players). It’s unbelievable how small the squad is.

‘We are really short of numbers and that means you are always out on the field, even if you are carrying injuries like I am at the moment.

‘I’ve had knocks and injuries, Liam has had calf problems and then there’s Chuck (David Norris) with his hernia.

‘It’s unheard of to have it to the level we are having to deal with.

‘I’m becoming one of the more senior payers, which I find staggering really,

‘But I welcome the challenge.

‘Everyone loves the challenge and I want to be stretched.

‘We’ve got leaders in the team but I don’t feel any more pressure than normal. I’m here to do a job.’

Halford revealed Pompey’s players are still waiting to hear from Professional Footballers’ Association bosses, as they wait for their wages to be paid.

He said: ‘They (the PFA) came in last week. They didn’t really tell us anything that we didn’t already know.

‘I think Nick Cusack (PFA executive) will come in again now, have a meeting with us players and tell us where we stand.

‘I think he will tell us how things are going to move forward.

‘In terms of ownership and when things will be sorted out, the players don’t know more than anyone else.

‘People expect us to know what is going on but we’re as in the dark as anyone else.’