Hint of stability key to improved Pompey results

Patrick Agyemang has been given time to bed in at Pompey since his arrival last month
Patrick Agyemang has been given time to bed in at Pompey since his arrival last month
Brandon Haunstrup. Picture: Joe Pepler

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Guy Whittingham believes Pompey are starting to show a few glimpses of how stability can improve fortunes on the pitch.

The Blues have claimed three draws from their past four matches – not exactly form to be considered world-beaters but a marked improvement.

The latest crop of recruits including Patrick Agyemang, John Akinde and Therry Racon all arrived a month ago and have had a chance to bed in.

And with the current squad having been told they are staying at Fratton Park for the remainder of the season, Whittingham has seen a team ethic begin to form.

The caretaker Blues boss explained: ‘I don’t think it’s just confidence. I said it’s almost like pre-season a few games ago but it’s the end of February and everyone knows they are here until the end of the season now.

‘I’ve told them, I want them to stay. There might be one or two instances where something crops up. If that is the case, we will be doing it for the right reasons.

‘It’s not a long-term solution but at least those players know they are going to be playing for Portsmouth until the end of the season.

‘We’re now a few games down the line, we’re beginning to see the team’s looking settled and we’re looking better.

‘We had those three or four new players coming in but, in general, a team spirit is building and there is a camaraderie that has helped us on the pitch.’

While it’s too soon for Whittingham to start making concrete plans for next term, with the club’s future still not resolved, he does have in mind the players he would like to have in his squad.

The ex-Pompey striker said: ‘Of course I know who I would want for next season.

‘When we bring players in, we think “are they going to be right for next season?”

‘We’ve got the ideas in our heads of the players here we would like to see here next season. But we haven’t been able to tell anyone quite yet. Hopefully, we will soon.

‘A lot has to go on before we reach that point but we have certainly spoken to the administrators about it.

‘We’re hoping something can be done in the near future.

‘We can’t commit to things yet but at least we can start that idea.

‘I won’t be telling how many there are, though!’

Whittingham added: ‘I don’t know if people have underestimated the difficulty of these short-term contracts.

‘I would think the majority of fans know how it is.

‘The most important thing is that it is all sorted out as soon as possible so that we can start pushing forward and rebuilding this club.’