Holmes: Pompey have adjusted playing style

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Pompey boss lays down end-of-season demands

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Ricky Holmes believes Pompey are seeing the benefit of a subtle change in their tactics.

The Blues winger revealed a switch to a slightly more direct style of play is better suited to League Two after recent discussions with boss Guy Whittingham.

Ricky Holmes. Picture: Joe Pepler

Ricky Holmes. Picture: Joe Pepler

And Holmes has no issues if that means a period of play where he is by-passed.

Holmes said: ‘We’ve gone back to basics and it’s a little bit more direct. I don’t mind – it only happens for 15 minutes or so in a game.

‘The manager sat a few of the experienced boys down and asked our opinions on what we were doing wrong.

‘We didn’t say to shell it forward but said “let’s try to play in the final third a bit more”.

‘We were getting caught in our own half and we were getting punished.

‘So we’ve just stopped playing in our own half.

‘We’ve got a big, powerful man in Pat (Agyemang) up front and I don’t think we used him as well as we should.

‘So now we stretch the game, make the opposition go a bit deeper and pockets of space will be created.’

Holmes, who has plenty of experience of League Two having signed from Barnet this summer, felt Pompey also needed to understand their surroundings.

The 26-year-old said: I’ve played in this league for three years and I know what it’s about.

‘But we are in League Two for a reason and sometimes you have to do the basics.

‘If teams are pressing us and we are still playing pass, pass, pass, we haven’t got the ability to do that in tighter areas for the whole game.

‘You always have to earn the right to play and especially Portsmouth as we are a big scalp for people.’