How fatherhood is helping Pompey ace’s game

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FATHERHOOD is helping Jamal Lowe maintain his fitness.

The Pompey winger has been managing to fit in early gym sessions to keep him sharp since the birth of his daughter last October.

Pompey winger Jamal Lowe Picture: Joe Pepler

Pompey winger Jamal Lowe Picture: Joe Pepler

Being present as she came into the world meant Lowe had to make a late dash to Doncaster for the 2-1 loss and restricted him to a 45-minute appearance at the Keepmoat Stadium, as he arrived a couple of hours before kick-off and hadn’t trained.

It’s been a very different story since, however, with the 23-year-old rising early these days on father duty.

But that means he’s been available for extra gym work throughout the season before getting stuck into training.

‘Fatherhood is good and I’m used to it now,’ Lowe explained. ‘She wakes up at 2am and 6am every single night. Without fail.

‘It helps with coming in and doing my gymwork early anyway.

‘I’m always up early so will come in and get it down before training.

‘Matt Clarke is always in first thing and Luke McGee is quite a lot, too.

‘I’m a morning person anyway, but I’m always up first thing and ready to go.’

With the season at a close, Lowe will be available for more feeding duties through the night, but will also be keeping his fitness ticking over.

‘My missus does most of the feeds during the season,’ he added. I do the occasional one. It means I get my sleep between 2am and 6am and usually 10pm and 2am.

‘Sometimes she throws in one at 11pm as I’m just literally getting into bed. She starts shouting then.

‘It’s all good. It’s good banter from her!

‘On a Saturday I’ll do it after a game because I’ve got Sundays off.

‘If we’ve got Wednesday off I’ll do the Tuesday one, or if my missus is shattered.

‘To be fair when she wakes up there’s no escaping it. The shout is something else!

‘I can do more with the season finished though, but will be ticking over, too.’