Hughes desperate to stay at Pompey

Jamal Lowe celebrates his goal against Scunthorpe. Picture: Joe Pepler

Pompey winger was a ‘wounded animal’ after dropping out of Football League

Richard Hughes is desperate to ensure his Leeds heroics were no Pompey swansong.

And he has offered to take a 50-per-cent pay cut in order to remain at Fratton Park.

The Blues midfielder created one goal and scored another in the Blues' 3-3 draw at Elland Park yesterday.

It was the midfielder's first-ever Pompey league goal in eight-and-a-half years and 131 appearances. It could also prove to be his farewell.

Hughes will now not play again this season unless his contract situation is resolved.

One more appearance triggers a 12-month extension on Premier League wages, which the club cannot afford.

But the 31-year-old has revealed he has already spoken to chief executive David Lampitt over slashing his wages by half.

He insists, almost three weeks on, he has yet to receive a response.

Meanwhile, Steve Cotterill is rapidly running out of players, with Michael Brown in the same boat.

And Hughes is eager to secure his Pompey future.

He said: 'You will have to ask the powers that be what is going on. Obviously, they have been very busy but I would have liked to have had it sorted out before now.

'I'm hopeful it can be because I love playing for Portsmouth and have never taken my time here for granted.

'I am appreciative of everything this football club has done for my career and just want to get out there and do what I love to do, which is play football.

'It's a difficult thing because I have read what has been said, and if I was a fan I would be asking questions about exactly what is happening.

'The people making the decisions know I would be delighted to take a significant salary decrease in order to waive this clause.

'I am not talking an insignificant amount either – I am talking 50 per cent because I appreciate financially things have to change.

'The last thing I want is for anybody to think is I am being greedy.

'My agent has had a conversation with the chief executive, it was very amicable and very professional.

'We made a proposal we think is fair in order to waive the clause, which means signing a contract from next season.

'As far as I am aware, it is left in their court and something can be achieved.'

Hughes added: 'It's not a situation that has arisen overnight. It's been there for months and months and the talks probably started shortly before the Norwich game.

'I am sure if everything was running smoothly from the top to the bottom of the club it would have been addressed a long time ago.'