Jackett: Pompey have to be first to young talent

Pompey manager Kenny Jackett. Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey manager Kenny Jackett. Picture: Joe Pepler
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KENNY JACKETT has laid down a demand: Pompey must be first to the game’s emerging talent.

The Blues boss is confident he’s putting the structure in place to ensure that happens and his club unearth the young players to take them forward.

Pompey have announced Phil Boardman as their new head of recruitment as part of his backroom staff.

He will be supported by Ashleigh Gilligan and Keith Miller in scouting roles, with the remit to assess opposition as well as find suitable players.

Jackett has exacting standards when it comes to ensuring he is made aware of the right talent for the Blues.

He said: ‘There’s a new group here.

‘There’s Phil Boardman, while Ashleigh Gilligan and Keith Miller work part-time for us.

‘We’re putting a good team together and building up our target area and where we’re likely to get players.

‘We have to be first there to them.

‘Phil is head of recruitment and the other guys have scouting responsibilities and match analysis of the opposition.

‘Finding players is important and knowing your market and what your club needs.

‘You have to be able to see clearly who can fit in and who can’t at Portsmouth.’

The changing landscape of football means it’s not just the traditional methods of scouting clubs’ games these days.

‘There has been a shift in culture towards dissecting statistics and the use of video in recent years.

Jackett feels there is a place for that in football.

He said: ‘Analysis is part of the process.

‘There isn’t a choice of one or the other.

‘If analysis can help you narrow down the field for your targets it’s fine.

‘There is a system called Wyscout now.

‘You can watch maybe three games from one player before you’ve even gone out of the office.

‘Why wouldn’t you do that before you go? It is a good tool for the process, but it isn’t everything.

‘It can’t be enough to just do that.

‘You need to have character backgrounds and also watch players live.’

The hope is Jackett’s contacts in the game can prove invaluable to Pompey.

The same can be said of his experiences in football – and the 55-year-old feels his time at Millwall can help his current club.

He said: ‘My time at Millwall was when the new (Elite Player Performance Plan) system came in.

‘We put in place a Cat Two just before I went with the Academy.

‘We were a year in with a commitment to a four-year deal when I left.

‘The loan system was different then and we did very well out of that.

‘At Millwall it was a case of picking off the other London clubs.

‘That can happen here. People want to come here which I’ve been pleased to see.

‘Look at (Stuart) O’Keefe. There were offers for him from this division but was keen to come to Portsmouth.’