Kal thinks keeping’s a stroll now – I remember Sandford saying the same!

Kal Naismith was to go in between the posts against Doncaster after Stephen Henderson's injury. Picture: Joe Pepler

There’s only one place to start – and that’s with wishing Stephen Henderson a speedy recover from injury.

Hendo’s not had much luck with various issues in his career, so we’re all keeping our fingers crossed he’s not out for too long.

But you have to say fair play to Kal Naismith for having the nerve to go between the sticks after our new keeper came off.

He made the save after he went in and it was important in preserving the point against Doncaster.

We’re now hearing from him that it’s a walk in the park being a keeper, of course!

It’s an unusual scenario to have to deal with and hasn’t happened to us since Russell Perrett went in after Aaron Flahavan got injured against Swindon in 1999.

It happened to me on three occasions throughout my 801 appearances for the club.

The first one was at the start of my career.

Keith Viney replaced me when I went off at Exeter with a dead leg.

I claim I helped get him a move to St James’ Park because he ended up there and went in goal for them on a couple of occasions.

The other one people remember was at Wimbledon, after I got my face rearranged by Eric Young.

Lee Sandford went in from the sixth minute and helped the lads to a draw.

They came and picked me up in the coach from St James’ Hospital in Tooting afterwards and Lee was saying he had a good game.

He even came and caught a cross and kept the ball out of the stands from kicks – which Vince Hilaire and Kevin O’Callaghan said was more than I ever did!

The other time was during a pre-season friendly with Watford when I collided with Luther Blissett and Lee went in again. I hear there’s a picture going around on social media of that clash.

I ended having 20 stitches, but didn’t come off as badly as Luther – who had 40!

If you look at Luther now you can still see the scar across his head from that day.

I must mention it was good to see my first ‘proper’ gaffer Frank Burrows on Saturday.

He was a guest at the game and I managed to catch up for a chat. He had a big bearing on my career.

Frank came when we were a bit of a retirement club for older players. He certainly changed the culture of the club around in no time.

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