Kitson can’t remember knockout performance

Dave Kitson has his dentures checked by Hermann Hreidarsson
Dave Kitson has his dentures checked by Hermann Hreidarsson
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Dave Kitson celebrated the end of his two-month Pompey goalscoring drought and smiled: I just wish I could remember it.

The Blues striker sported some brutal battle scars after his courageous header put Pompey on their way to a valuable three points in the 2-0 win at Doncaster Rovers.

It was the sixth goal of Kitson’s Blues career and his first since Pompey’s last victory at Norwich City on December 11.

But in heading home the rebound, the former Stoke striker was knocked unconscious by Sam Hird’s attempted clearance after Greg Halford’s scuffed shot struck the post.

And Kitson admitted he was unable to recall the actual moment of scoring.

Kitson said: ‘I wish I could remember it.

‘I remember seeing the ball was going to hit the post and come back at an angle that would come back into the middle of the goal.

‘I chucked my head at it and it was seriously the last thing that I remember.

‘I didn’t know I’d scored until I stood up and David Nugent was shouting in my ear. I had no idea.

‘Even then I didn’t really know where I was but then felt someone’s hand pulling my teeth and it was Hermann Hreidarsson!’

It was the end of a tough period in front of goal and a worrying time at home after his son needed hospital treatment this week.

While Kitson did not discuss his family, he was in good spirits as he offered his thanks that he was still just about in one piece after his collision with Hird’s size nine.

Kitson said: ‘I will have to watch a video.

‘It probably won’t be the greatest goal ever but I will be able to see me getting my head kicked off!

‘I’m quite glad I’ve still got all my teeth, although one’s a bit wobbly.

‘I’m not the greatest looking in the world, so I need my teeth!

‘It’s not a nice one and it looks a bit horrific.

‘I’ll whack some ice on it and it will be fine.

‘But you can’t not go for those ones – that’s what being a goalscorer is about.

‘If you don’t go for those ones, you may as well give up.

‘You’ve got to go for everything and chuck your head at it.

‘I’ve certainly had worse than this in the past.’

While his goal and a Pompey win were both a long time in coming, Kitson now believes the Blues can rediscover their form from earlier in the campaign.

He said: ‘It’s about time. It was a horrendous game and not overly enjoyable to play in.

‘It was scrappy but if Doncaster set out to play total football and you suppress that, then it becomes a scrappy game, I suppose.

‘But we deserved it and it was a valuable win – the first one of the year.

‘Hopefully that spurs us on to better things now.’