Kyle Bennett shrugs off his Pompey critics

Kyle Bennett. Picture: Joe Pepler
Kyle Bennett. Picture: Joe Pepler
  • Winger responds to negativity from some Blues fans
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Defiant Kyle Bennett shrugged off the recent negativity towards him and insisted: I won’t hide.

The Pompey winger has been the target for some frustration in recent weeks and has been the subject of criticism from some Blues fans.

The former Doncaster Rovers man is certainly aware of it.

But it’s also hard to understand why he should have been singled out after scoring two goals so far and also leading the way for the team in terms of assists.

Bennett, however, is determined to make sure the critics don’t stop him from doing his job.

He said: ‘I’m getting a little bit of stick from some people but that’s just football.

‘People pay their money and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

‘I’m not going to judge anyone for their opinion.

‘I think I have got five or six assists now and two goals so it’s not like I am not pulling my weight in terms of creating goals.

‘You obviously don’t want to hear it but it’s something you have to deal with isn’t it?

‘You hear a few things but you’ve got to brush it aside.

‘I’d like to think it doesn’t affect me but I suppose it can do sometimes.

‘I’ll just try to continue to do what I’m doing. It won’t change the way I play.

‘I think you’ve got to be braver than that.

‘I set one goal up against Macclesfield at the weekend, then at Newport and Bristol Rovers recently.

‘So if I get to more than 10 assists over the season, then the stats are there to be seen.’

Bennett believes his role in the side is also a factor in how his contribution is viewed.

He said: ‘I am in a position to be shot at because I am trying to create stuff for the team. If it doesn’t come off, you will get criticised.

‘I don’t think anyone is hiding in our team, but in general, if you are not taking risks, you don’t get scrutinised as much.

‘Without being disrespectful to anyone, I could do a job where I just keep the ball and don’t take any risks.

‘But I feel I can do more than that so I’m there to be shot at.

‘And if people want to shoot at me, then that’s fine.’

Bennett revealed his own view of his performances has differed after watching DVDs.

He said: ‘I’ve come off a pitch and think I’ve had a good game and then I’ll look at the DVD and will think I should have done better.

‘I’ve also had games where I think I played badly and see the video back and think “I wasn’t that bad after all”.

‘Maybe that’s because of a bit of negativity I’ve been getting.’

He added: ‘Maybe I didn’t do myself any favours by scoring two goals in the first game

‘If I could create a goal every time I touched the ball or scored two goals in every game, I’d probably be at Real Madrid or Barcelona!

‘I guess I wouldn’t be playing in League Two.’