Lampitt keen to hold SOS Pompey talks

David Lampitt insists he would have been happy to speak to members of SOS Pompey before the planned demonstration.

The Blues chief executive has met with several supporters groups since arriving at the club last summer and spoke to the Pompey Supporters Trust earlier this week.

But SOS Pompey have instead chosen to organise a peaceful demonstration ahead of tomorrow's game with Leeds in a bid to urge club owners Balram Chainrai and Levi Kushnir to reveal their plans for the club.

Lampitt said: 'We respect the people at SOS Pompey who feel the need to voice their concerns at the weekend.

'If people feel that having a protest outside is the best way to get their message across, then I respect their right to do it.

'But I would always rather engage in sensible dialogue with these guys.

'Since I've been here, I think I've met just about every supporters group we've got.

'I haven't spoken to them directly but I almost certainly will do between now and tomorrow.

'I think it's important to have that dialogue.

'I'm not one to duck those issues or shirk those questions.

'If there are issues or fears that we can allay with constructive dialogue, then we will try to do that.

'It's not for me or the club to say that they should or shouldn't do anything – it's their democratic right.'

While Lampitt respects fans' feelings, he admits the demonstration could do 'unintentional damage' to the club's profile if the public perception is that Pompey are in crisis once again after the trauma of recent times.

He said: 'I have to say I think it's a shame that they felt it was necessary to come out publicly because, ultimately, I think it will probably reflect badly on the club.

'I don't think that's something that anyone would really want.

'I do think it may cause some unintentional damage because it will

be bad publicity to suggest that the club is somehow in crisis again and that the fans are protesting.

'It may make the club less attractive to a prospective buyer.

'I don't think that's what the guys at SOS Pompey want to achieve.'