Lampitt pledges ticket changes

Pompey chief executive David Lampitt
Pompey chief executive David Lampitt
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David Lampitt has pledged to change Pompey’s controversial ticketing prices next season.

A section of supporters believe they are being priced out of football at Fratton Park following summer hikes.

The cost of some tickets have shot up as much as 50 per cent for the current campaign.

Overall, the average increase across the board is 30.9 per cent.

As a result, attendances have noticeably dipped as some disgruntled Blues fans opt to stay at home.

It is a depth of feeling appreciated by Lampitt, who has vowed to act on a price structure set by the previous Pompey owners.

With Convers Sports Initiatives now in control, Pompey’s chief executive wants to introduce reduced prices next term.

Although the fine details are still to be decided, that approach is sure to be applauded by supporters.

Lampitt believes something must be done.

He said: ‘I am not saying we are satisfied with the current situation.

‘Given all the factors coming into play and the wider economic climate, we recognise prices have gone up.

‘The fans, though, still watch the team in great numbers.

‘That is testament to their tremendous support.

‘We will also continue to look for ways for our supporters to come to the matches to support the team.

‘And I think the pricing structure will be different next season.

‘At the moment we are not in a position where we can decide what that will be exactly. It is just too early to say right now.

‘We do not know where we are going to be first of all in terms of which league.

‘But we want to attract more supporters to games and we have to make sure they get the best-value tickets possible.’

Lampitt insists Pompey’s pricing policy has been hamstrung by season ticket charges.

Fixed by the previous regime led by Balram Chainrai and Levi Kushnir, the large increases sparked outrage among supporters at the time.

While discounting current tickets is an option, the desire not to upset those season ticket holders has ensured a balancing act is required.

A string of initiatives have since been brought in, including Super Six and FourTress Fratton. And Lampitt admitted it has been a tough situation to negotiate.

He added: ‘Season ticket prices were set some time ago by the previous ownership and board.

‘Those decisions were made and, in terms of where our pricing structure puts us, we are now mid-table in the Championship.

‘It was a decision taken and we have to work with it.

‘I sit on the board and have a voice on the board and the board makes those decisions.

‘But it is incredibly difficult to retrospectively change everything.

‘It is very much about balancing.’


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