Loan share scheme will help Pompey fans find cash

SCHEME Mark Trapani
SCHEME Mark Trapani
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THE Pompey Supporters’ Trust has introduced a new loan scheme for people who cannot afford to buy a share.

It has teamed up with specialist finance firm DotComUnity to come up with an offer and savings plan through a scheme run as a credit union.

It’s aimed at those who have pledged £100 but cannot afford to stump up a further £900 immediately to buy a full share if the trust bid for the club goes ahead.

Under the scheme supporters can take out a £900 loan over a three-year period.

With fees and interest the total loan will be £1,123.04, which can be paid off in monthly repayments of £31.20.

Those who take up the credit union scheme must also save £10 a month.

This means fans will receive a lump sum payout of £360 at the end of the three years.

Mark Trapani, trust board member, said: ‘DotComUnity’s senior management team quickly understood our dilemma and came up with a number of interesting and responsible proposals that they were confident could be delivered on time.’

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