Lualua on Yak, Perrin and changing times at Pompey

Yakubu celebrates a goal with Lomana LuaLua
Yakubu celebrates a goal with Lomana LuaLua
Kanu celebrates his opener with Benjani

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Alongside his interview with Lomana Lualua, Jordan Cross quizzed him on key aspects of his Pompey journey.


Me and Yakubu still talk every day. I kept saying to him we should both come back.

A few times we’ve met and always reminisce about the times in Portsmouth. Not just on the pitch – but the people.

Harry (Redknapp) made us feel like a big family. You could call our team the African nations!

Me and Yakubu made our friendship here – and that is special.

I spoke to King (Kanu) a few days ago. We keep in touch. I remember when Benjani came back a few years ago, too. That made me jealous!

There were so many other old friends, too. Marc Wilson was one. I thought I was relaxed – but he was even more laid back than me!

I remember Andy Cole in his last years at Pompey. He just wanted to come and enjoy his football. I can see that.


He was making me crazy. I feel bad about what happened but it was also good thing, too.

Milan (Mandaric) called a meeting and we voted on whether he should go.

We all put our hands up – I put up two!

He asked for it. He was calling us all kinds of names, babies and trying to get us to do these crazy, extra sessions.

There was a time when I was ill in hospital with malaria.

I was there for a long time and it was then when I realised the love from people.

Forget football, it was love as a human being.

I had so many flowers, letters and people wanting to come and see me to visit.

But then Mr Perrin came to visit.

He came and the first thing he asked me was when was I going to come back and play?

I couldn’t get out of bed and he was trying to get me to play!


I lost my kid and, after that, I didn’t want to play football anymore.

Harry was saying to me he wasn’t go to sell me to a team in the Premier League but he’d let me go abroad.

He wasn’t prepared to let me stop so I went to Greece for a new start.

This season the club aren’t doing badly.

There’s a possibility they can go up. If they do that I think they can do it again.

I check on the team’s results and position. To be where they are considering where we were is sad.

But sometimes in life you have to step back to move forward. You have to face reality. It is what is needed to move forward.

I’m sure that’s what they are trying to do.