Luton 1 Pompey 2: All-Seeing Eye

Ben Davies with his cut eye. Picture: Joe Pepler
Ben Davies with his cut eye. Picture: Joe Pepler
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Pompey chalked up a fine away win at Luton Town on Saturday and our All-Seeing Eye was there to take a sideways glance at the game.


Late in the game, Ben Davies picked up a small cut above his eye.

The Pompey right-back is not the kind of man to let a bit of blood stop him, but the referee spotted a droplet on his shirt and ordered him off.

A swift shirt change and Davies was ready to return in about 20 seconds flat.

Except the referee wasn’t so ready, it seemed.

With Paul Cook’s men defending a Luton attack, plenty of Blues fans must have felt the numerical disadvantage was about to pay.

With Davies pacing the touchline like a caged tiger trying to get back on, the referee had apparently forgotten about him until Cook then got in on the act.

Waving his arms wildly trying to attract the ref’s attention, Cook then dished out a series of verbal volleys to anyone in the vicinity.

Davies was finally allowed back on as the attack broke down. But had Luton scored, the ref may not have been Mr Popular with Mr Cook.


You know you’ve made it when you get your own entrance to a football club.

Nick Owen once shared a sofa with Anne Diamond as the kingpin of breakfast TV.

The chairman at Luton Town (and lifelong fan of the club) is presumably used to a few perks from all of his work in the glittering world of television.

But there can’t have been many better than to get your own gate at Kenilworth Road.

Sadly, it’s the same one the press use.


Pompey keeper Brian Murphy didn’t have much to do – other than pick Craig Mackail-Smith’s penalty out of his net.

But in trying to get involved, he had a scary moment until Ben Davies bailed him out.

Racing out of his box to head away a ball over the top, Murphy found himself stranded as a Luton player latched on to the loose ball.

But just as he bore down on goal, Davies got a foot in to avert the danger.

Back to the head tennis, Brian...


Paul Cook clearly likes to have his little bit of fun when his players conduct their post-match media duties.

It was a big selection decision for Cook to leave out League Two’s leading goalscorer last season, although he did bring him on to score the winner.

So as Matt Tubbs was about to answer questions, the Blues boss sauntered past and dished out some light-hearted advice.

Cook chuckled: ’Don’t go slamming the manager, Tubbsy!’


Only a few months ago, Andy Awford was guiding his Pompey side to a 1-1 draw at Luton.

After his departure from Fratton Park towards the end of last season, these days he is running the Academy at Luton and overseeing their youth development.

That hasn’t stopped him keeping close tabs on what goes on at Pompey though.

During a brief catch-up with some of his old sparring partners in the press box before the game, Awford explained how he had predicted the Pompey line-up and had guessed Jayden Stockley getting the nod over Matt Tubbs up front to give manager John Still some pre-match information.

Having such a long association with Pompey, there must have been just a hint of some mixed feelings when his former club beat his current employers.

But, ever the professional in his unfamiliar Luton tracksuit, Awford has other priorities these days.

Two other pros were allowed to indulge themselves as fans for the day though.

Ben Close and Ben Tollitt – who both missed out on making the matchday squad – took their place in the away section and joined the Pompey fans.