Macca ‘positive’ after op to remove kidney

Pompey suffered defeat to Charlton. Picture: Joe Pepler

Gaffer: So predictable Pompey would suffer defeat

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POMPEY youth development coach Alan McLoughlin says he will stay positive after undergoing a potentially life-saving operation to remove a kidney.

The coach, known as ‘Macca’ among fans and the football world, had the kidney removed last week after a tumour was discovered.

Macca, who made more than 300 appearances for Pompey in midfield, told The Irish Sun he discovered there was a problem when passing blood while going to toilet.

He underwent surgery at Bristol Hospital and his surgeon is confident the procedure will win the battle.

The 45-year-old said: ‘We hope everything will be okay but it could come back and I will have to deal with that if it does.

‘The surgeons are happy that the indications are it was just within my kidney but that doesn’t mean I am out of the woods.

‘There are no guarantees but I have given myself the best chance possible by acting straight away on this.

‘I wanted the kidney out of me as quickly as possible and while I don’t have private health cover, I’m lucky that it was done quickly.

‘I am positive and we will stay positive.’