McInnes reaction: Fratton faithful commend the Pompey chairman’s role

Chairman Iain McInnes has announced he is stepping down from his role. Picture: Joe Pepler
Chairman Iain McInnes has announced he is stepping down from his role. Picture: Joe Pepler
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Ian McInnes announced he would step down as Pompey chairman after the Blues sealed promotion to League One on Saturday.

Here are some comments from how Fratton faithful reacted to the news;

I’ve been fortunate to know Iain McInnes for a good part of my life. I know the sacrifices he has gone through in steering out beloved club.

We used to have a good kick around in our younger days in Paulsgrove, standing on the terraces with Iain and our friends was entertaining on the pitch and in the terraces.

Thank you also to Iain’s wife Jane. Love you guys and a big thank you.

Mr Free Zone

Well done mate and thanks for everything. You steered the ship through difficult times to success.

Woke up in the early hours to check results and saw the wonderful news about promotion.

Just shows what can be achieved when people stick together and support each other. Absolutely marvellous.


Iain hinted he was to step down after some low points in his tenure – play-offs and management changes being cited.

I’m glad he steps down with his head held high and achieved something many fans wrote off. He has endured a lot of criticism but look where we are, we are League One.

Iain, hold your head high and proud, you’ve done a great job.


There have been times when many of us, including myself, have questioned Iain McInnes’ judgement, I don’t think anyone ever doubted his integrity and his commitment to PFC.

He has been proven right when many of us have wavered and doubted we could ever achieve promotion.

Thank you Mr McInnes for proving me and others wrong. I sincerely hope you are offered a non exec or honorary role going forward.

An earlier poster mention Life President, I think that’s the least you deserve.


Congratulations to everyone at the club who contributed to making this a successful season - and a special thank-you to Iain McInnes for his part in leading the club out of the doldrums of misery and mediocrity that have marked our more recent history. We are going up!!

LeighPark Larry

Thank you very much, Iain. Quite simply, you’ve been amazing.


Congrats to the chairman and the board. Special thanks to McInnes for some well-written and articulate articles in the home match programme.

Rex Ace