Mclachlan steps down from Pompey Supporters’ Trust board

Scott Mclachlan
Scott Mclachlan
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Scott Mclachlan has stepped down from the Pompey Supporters’ Trust (PST) board.

His resignation is with immediate affect, with his involvement in the Trust spanning the past seven years.

In a statement on the PST website, Mclachlan said: ‘It is with great sadness that I have tendered my resignation to the PST board this week in time for my place to be available in the upcoming PST election.

‘Many of the reasons that I sought re-election to the PST board two years ago have been removed by the change of ownership of Portsmouth Football Club.

‘Over 80 per cent of the members I represent agreed to sell which means that I deem my position on the board to be incompatible with the PST’s future direction.’

Last month, the Trust PST voted in favour of former Walt Disney chief executive Michael Eisner’s £5.67m bid to buy the League Two champions.

A total of 81.4 per cent of Trust shareholders agreed that Eisner and his Tornante group could proceed in their efforts to purchase the club after a ballot was held.