Minister for Sport launches fan ownership initiative at Pompey

Pompey defender Nathan Thompson

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AN initiative which aims to help more football supporters have a say in the running of their club has been launched in Portsmouth.

Minister for Sport, Helen Grant, visited Fratton Park today to reveal a panel of experts have been put together to tackle barriers to fan ownership.

The group, made up of Football League representatives, includes Pompey director Ashley Brown and is being chaired by Pompey season ticket holder Joanna Manning-Cooper.

The scheme was launched at Pompey as the club is being held up as an example to others given it was successfully taken over by a supporters trust.

Mr Brown, who was in the group that led the community takeover, said it was an honour to be involved.

‘Supporters are the guardians of a club,’ he said.

‘The whole supporter’s movement across the country is something I feel passionately about.’

Ms Grant said: ‘I have been here to visit this amazing club and had the opportunity to see some of the great community work that is happening and meet the fans who saved the club. It’s very, very special. ‘

The minister was also visiting the Pompey Study Centre, in Rodney Road, to meet people working in the community for the club including director of community projects for Pompey in the Community Clare Martin.