Music festival for Pompey gathers more momentum

DRIVING FORCE Kill Kasper on stage
DRIVING FORCE Kill Kasper on stage
Brett Pitman had a great chance to hand Pompey the lead in the first half against Rotherham Picture: Joe Pepler

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BARS, pubs and clubs in and around Portsmouth are getting firmly behind the Play Up Pompey Music festival this month.

The event will stretch over a fortnight, and aims to raise money to fund the Pompey Supporters’ Trust’s share of Portsmouth Football Club.

The trust raised enough money to be the majority owner of the club, but the more money it has behind it, the greater the percentage of the club it will own.

The festival was the brainchild of Jamie Kasper, member of the band Kill Kasper, and his pal John Hicks.

Jamie said: ‘It all started out with a couple of musicians looking to chip in together for a share in the club.

‘We invited some friends along for a drink and after the first 10 rounds things got a little ambitious; our single show had turned into a 16-day festival of music and comedy with 100-plus performers hosting 33 gigs in 20 venues all over the city.

‘The great and the good from the local community have all got on board and responded wonderfully.

‘Every artist is playing for free and every single penny we raise is going towards community shares in Portsmouth Football Club.

‘A lot of the shows are free too, this isn’t just about money.

‘It’s more about galvanising support for the local team and giving others, who, like the musicians that kicked it all off, a chance to chip in for a share they might not be able to afford on their own.’

The fortnight begins on July 14 with a comedy night at the Wedgewood Rooms featuring the Raymond and Mr Timpkins Comedy Revue, amongst others.

It draws to a close on Saturday, July 27, at the Wedgewood Rooms, with the Festival of Fakers & Funk

There are also competitions, including raffle tickets, via a joint venture with Pompey’s 12th Man, which can be bought at the events and an online competition.

Details of all events and competitions are at