Passionate views from Pompey fans over pitch invasion

Saturday's pitch invasion against Oldham. Picture: Dave Taylor
Saturday's pitch invasion against Oldham. Picture: Dave Taylor
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Pompey fans are forwarding strong views following the pitch invasion against Oldham on Saturday.

And our Pompey Facebook page reflects the many and varied thoughts of Blues followers. Here’s a selection of the comments made.

• They should be banned - pathetic humans. We don’t need the fine. The fine should be split between all of them. We looked like absolute mugs Saturday

Andy Newman

• This is being taking way out of proportion. Wrong? Yes. Idiots? Possibly, but come on, have you not been out on a Saturday night in pubs and clubs? It happens. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again at Fratton but come on nobody was hurt. I would be more worried with the performance!

James Pickett

• Very embarrassing for Michael and Eric Eisner who had to attend a safety/security meeting with the police when they should be dealing with more important problems.So ban these people ASAP hopefully they are season-ticket holders so will lose there money.

Mark Anthony

• If our own fans can’t control themselves over some oldham fans goading them, then they shouldn’t be allowed to go! the club suffers by a possible fine and those idiots walk away scot free! Some sort of punishment should be given or they wont learn!

Gemma Gratwick

• Ban them, it’s pathetic immature behaviour. Yes, we all shout stuff and goad the oppostion fans, but thats part of football. What those moronic idiots did was stupid. Throw them out - they are a disgrace to the club, the badge and football itself.

Dave Wareham

• Some of the fans who ran on the pitch barely look old enough to be out of nappies. Every single one of them behaving like they’re still in nappies!

Luke Hurren