Pompey 0 Mansfield 0: All Seeing Eye

Craig Westcarr did not having a scoring return to Fratton. Picture: Joe Pepler
Craig Westcarr did not having a scoring return to Fratton. Picture: Joe Pepler
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The game may not live long in the memory, but the All Seeing Eye spotted a few moments to raise a smile.


Who knew that there was an opportunity to show off some style in the pre-match toss of a coin?

Pompey skipper Michael Doyle had the honour, flipped the referee’s coin high into the air and then had to be pretty nimble to dart back and pouch it, although he did briefly look like he might have to put in a dive.

He certainly looked like he would be a useful addition to the England cricket team slip cordon.

He won the toss though.


Craig Westcarr never quite became a fans’ favourite during his season at Pompey and there weren’t too many tears shed at his exit in the summer.

But he would argue that he never got a chance to shine.

With most Blues fans predicting a Westcarr goal on his return, he got the obligatory ‘welcome’ for an ex-player but seemed to take it all in relatively good spirit to supporters in the north stand lower.

Thankfully, he didn’t score though.


The All Seeing Eye rarely strays into other sports but it has occasionally had the odd glimpse of the Rugby World Cup as it has been going on.

The rules remain baffling, but there are plenty of good dust-ups to enjoy.

But wait a minute – have some of the tactics and methods used with an oval ball began to spill into the spherical ball game?

A Mansfield corner in the first half looked remarkably familiar to a rolling mass of bodies that tends to happen on a rugby pitch.

Apparently, it’s called a ruck – no wait, it’s a maul.

Ok, whatever it is, it’s where all the players bunch together and just attempt to bulldoze their way around.

With Mansfield’s bigger players all seemingly ready to unleash this clever corner routine, Pompey’s defenders looks a touch concerned at what was coming their way.

They needn’t have worried.

As the corner was delivered, Brian Murphy took a couple of paces out of his goal and claimed the catch with all the ease of one of those guys lifted up by his shorts by his mates at a line-out.

Perhaps it’s time to go back to the set-piece practice, lads.


It was good to see the much-maligned Fratton Park TV gantry was back in use for the fixture.

You may recall, the club’s recent televised match on Sky Sports was broadcast from the lower level (and made for difficult viewing) because of that old chestnut health and safety.

(Although the All Seeing Eye still thinks the cameraman just didn’t fancy the rickety ladder that night.)

But complete with his safety harnesses to scale his way up and down, the brave fellow captured the images from the higher viewing point to gain the necessary 10 seconds of footage that normally gets shown on Channel Five’s highlights show.

It seems there is a catch though.

It took the camerman a while to get back to down to the safety of ground level.

By which time Blues boss Paul Cook had conducted his media duties and had decided he didn’t fancy doing the TV interview.


A one-time prospective Pompey owner was in town.

Brian Howe of the band Bad Company – and a man who has once or twice been mooted as a potential club owner – was over from USA to watch the club he supports.

Some of his views during the club’s dark days were not welcomed by everyone, especially when he made his support of Balram Chainrai public and doubted the PST’s chances of saving the club.

But he must be delighted by the club’s progress.