Pompey 1 Doncaster 2: Gaffer for a day

Pompey defenders Christian Burgess and Matt Clarke    Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey defenders Christian Burgess and Matt Clarke Picture: Joe Pepler
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Macer Corcoran, 43, from Waterlooville, gives his take on the defeat to Doncaster.

So what happened there then?
We lost the game in the first 34 minutes – you cannot give teams a two-goal start in any game.

Doncaster looked a good side and I reckon will finish above us, which is a disappointment. I thought we were going to win this league.

We’re sliding down the league now. It’s a long way to go, but I’m really concerned.

And the defending?

For the first goal, if Forde is going for that he has to get it, instead he missed the ball completely.

With the second, it was a big lump from Doncaster’s half which was flicked on and almost a comical goal in terms of how it went in the net, I just don’t understand.

We are open defensively every time the ball goes into the box, yet not so long ago looked solid.

The defence looks ropey at the minute. I really thought Matt Clarke coming in would stamp his authority, but he was really rusty.

Maybe I was expecting too much of him after so long out, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

What was the supporter reaction like near you?

There is a massive divide between the fans on who loves Paul Cook and who doesn’t.

I sit at the top of the South stand and they were slaughtering him on Saturday, many wanted him out.

Look at social media as well, you’d be surprised how many want him gone.

Cook was surely never in any danger of losing his job in the summer, but this is an important season and we cannot stay in this division for more than four years.

Something has to change if we don’t go up, whether that is the board or the manager.

He did well at Accrington and Chesterfield and overachieved – the play-offs is our minimum.

So can you dig out a man of the match?

I would find it a struggle to give it to anyone in total honesty.

No-one stood out and even when a team loses there is usually one that looks good, but we were very flat and ran out of ideas very quickly.

It’s a recognition nobody deserves, so no-one is getting my vote.

Gaffer ratings:
David Forde 4

Gareth Evans 6

Christian Burgess 6

Matt Clarke 6

Enda Stevens 6

Michael Doyle 6

Danny Rose 5

Carl Baker 6

Gary Roberts 6

Kal Naismith 5

Conor Chaplin 6.