Pompey boss braced for frenetic January window

Izale McLeod is expected to attract interest from other clubs in the January transfer window
Izale McLeod is expected to attract interest from other clubs in the January transfer window
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Pompey are facing a hectic January turnaround in players.

Blues caretaker Guy Whittingham believes the club are heading towards a busy transfer window which will see a flow of faces in and out of Fratton Park.

Whittingham explained the current backroom staff are prepared for a frenetic period, with Blues players currently on month-to-month deals.

Whittingham had previously indicated he did not fear an exodus, with no-one asking to get away from a club still shrouded in uncertainty.

But the reality is there will be players who either aren’t what he and Andy Awford are looking for – or who now want to move on.

The likes of Izale McLeod are bound to generate interest, with the striker scoring 11 goals in a struggling side to date.

Ex-Barnsley midfielder Martin Devaney has been training with the Blues, and Whittingham is expecting to see some new faces on trial at the club in the coming days.

He is taking every precaution to ensure Pompey are ready for what arrives at the start of 2013.

Whittingham said: ‘We need to push on in January because, like it or not, we could have no players.

‘We have to be ready for that so, if things go our way, (in terms of administration) we can act on it straightaway. That’s what we’re aiming to do.

‘You need settled players in the side. Hopefully we can get to January and look at longer terms.

‘But it’s looming and there is what can happen then to think about. We’re looking into it and we’re making plans for it.

‘Come January, not everyone is going to stay – that’s what is going to happen.

‘We’re in a situation where, come January, we may need to get some players. We’ve got to plan.

‘It would be great if they all said they wanted to stay, I wouldn’t be more delighted, but that really isn’t going to happen because of whatever situations there may be.

‘There will be players who aren’t playing who want to go on, there will be players who can’t hack the travelling any more. That may happen. We have to think of every eventuality so we give ourselves the best opportunity in January to get players in if we need to.’

Despite the thought of players leaving, Whittingham has been encouraged by the playing staff’s response to him and Andy Awford after Michael Appleton departed.

He said: ‘I must say they’ve been fantastic. The players have been great.

‘Andy and I seem to have connected in some way.

‘Players aren’t stupid on the pitch. They know what’s going on and will know that, at times, we were trying to play too much football.

‘We are trying address that situation for now.

‘When the time comes that we need to play more we will – but they all seem to be buying into the ideas we’re coming up with.’