‘Pompey boss has to give Naismith a start’

Pompey forward Kal Naismith Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey forward Kal Naismith Picture: Joe Pepler
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The debate continues to fly back on forth on The News’ Pompey Facebook page and at portsmouth.co.uk.

After three defeats, the attention has turned to team selection and which areas of the pitch Pompey need to strengthen.

And, as ever, there’s plenty of forthright views from the Fratton faithful about what they want to see.

Here’s a selection of those comments.

I would like to see Evans , Rose and Naismith get a run-out against Luton. I also think that Naismith can be a lazy player, but given the opportunity we could see him banging goals in.

Happy Nanny Smith

Simple answer is play Kal Naismith but Kenny Jackett clearly doesn’t like him and he will doubtless be sold in January.

Neil Gladman

Hawkins with Pitman, Rose, Evans and Naismith. Usual back four and let Chaplin roam - or Lalkovic. Team sorted.

Tina Knight

What we learnt from Bradford is Kenny Jackett keeps picking the wrong team, we are not learning and we keep making basic defensive mistakes!

Michael Raby

The way to stop those silly errors is by communicating with each other! There was no communication Saturday.

The amount of times McGee was coming for the ball but the defender was shielding it ready for him to pick up, but got scared so just booted away for a throw-in - it must’ve happened three or four times.

Start talking to each other your supposed to be a team not a bunch of strangers!

George Andrew Slatcher

Our central midfielders aren’t good enough.

We give far too many soft goals away and miss the chances we do create.

Kyle Bennett worked his socks off Saturday but his finishing is shocking.

It won’t change it’s always been the same after scoring two on his Fratton Park debut.

Irrespective of the Luton cup tie having lost three league games on the trot, the games against Blackpool, Southend and Argyle have become massive for me. PUP.

David Swinford

I would be looking at the midfield and a more prominent goalscorer.

I would have thought we had enough players to cover in defence already. Are we just going to defend and not try to press up front? That is quite negative football

Selina Price

We need a vocal leader in midfield and a ball player with vision who’s able to open up defences with pinpoint passing and a more sure and confident goalkeeper.

Keep Oli Hawkins up front with Chaplin feeding of him and a vast improvement with our corners.

David Simons