Pompey boss praise for riding out defensive storm

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KENNY JACKETT believes Pompey have rode out their defensive problems well.

The Blues have had to deal with a host of their players at the back being on the sidelines.

Matt Clarke, Nathan Thompson, Tareiq Holmes-Dennis and Drew Talbot are currently missing from first-team duty.

Jackett feels those absences have been handled reasonably well.

He said: ‘We have defenders injured at the moment.

‘There’s Clarke, Thompson. Holmes-Dennis and now Talbot who’s out for a couple of weeks.

‘We have a few defenders out but we’ve not done badly at the back.

‘Balance, distribution and full-backs who can come out and make the play.

‘Linking in, getting forward and bringing the ball out of defence constructively.

‘They’ve been more the issues rather than just looking like we’ve got a big hole in our defence. It’s not necessarily looked like that.

‘A few defenders have been injured but our defensive displays have still been okay.’

Jackett did admit, however, Holmes-Dennis has shorn Pompey of an added attacking dimension.

He said: ‘Haunstrup has done fine but Holmes-Dennis looked like he could do that.

‘He could sidestep a player, put him out of the game and start motoring forward.

‘All of a sudden you were on the edge of your seat and he’s opening up options.

‘When you’re looking at defenders those things come into it.

‘We’d like to be more creative and could have options to do that, though.

‘There’s different things we can do.’