Pompey Diary: Idols descend on Charleston

Hermann Hreidarsson enjoyed the Charleston thunder storm. Picture: Dave Haines
Hermann Hreidarsson enjoyed the Charleston thunder storm. Picture: Dave Haines
Pompey were crowned league champions on this day in 1949. Picture: Pompey History Society

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The Pompey team weren’t the only celebrities in town as global TV phenomenon American Idol rocked up at Charleston this week.

Hopefuls, wannabes and performers chasing their fame and fortune – yes, that’s the thousands turning up for the singing auditions, not the Pompey squad – queued up overnight to get their place at the North Charleston Coliseum.

The venue for the South Carolina Stingrays – an ice hockey team – attracted crowds of around 10,000, many of whom were eager to get their shot at the big time.

One of those contestants staying at the same hotel as the team, a 16-year-old by the name of Tera, was seen serenading a member of the media by the hotel swimming pool to get an honest opinion on whether she would make it through the day before her audition.

While the embarrassed hack shuffled uncomfortably, he offered a half-hearted Simon Cowell impression in response telling her ‘you are just what this show is all about.’

She didn’t make it through.

n The skies of Charleston turned angry as the beautiful sunny weather gave way to a raging thunder and lightning storm earlier this week.

Huge claps of thunder and spectacular forked lightning that could have woken the dead played out in the early hours of the morning.

Some even suggested they thought there was a shock-and-awe-style air strike taking place in South Carolina with the darkness lit up by the lightning at regular intervals.

But while Hermann Hreidarsson suggested it was the best and loudest storm he had ever known and had got up to watch some of it unfold from his window at 2am, Joel Ward was just one of those who slept through the entire episode without knowing anything had happened.

He was obviously a very tired boy.