Pompey: FA Cup winning memories wanted

Kanu scores the winning goal for Pompey in the 2008 FA Cup final
Kanu scores the winning goal for Pompey in the 2008 FA Cup final
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Pompey and the Sports Mail have teamed up to track down fan memories of the Blues’ successful FA Cup runs in 1939 and 2008.

Supporters are being encouraged to share their recollections of two of the most famous episodes in the club’s 118-year history.

And the best entries will be selected to be published in a special supplement in the Sports Mail on Saturday, April 23.

Other entries will be published on the club’s pompeyvoices.co.uk website.

Colin Farmery, who heads up history and archiving projects at the club, explained what was being looked for: ‘We have an ongoing partnership with The News to document fan, player and staff memories of the club.

‘At our recent Memories Morning we got some great stories from older fans, including some accounts from the 1939 final and supporters are also contributing to our #pompeyvoices website.

‘Eventually we want to create a text, audio and video archive of memories for future historians.

‘We are looking for fan memories from the 2008 and 1939 Cup runs – whatever they think is significant, to be honest.

‘It could be the final, the parade afterwards, a game leading up to it or a ritual or superstition they had.’

To jog memories, the club has added details of the games the team played in each Cup run at pompeyvoices.co.uk

In 1939 Pompey defeated Lincoln, West Brom, West Ham, Preston and Huddersfield en route to beating Wolves in the final.

Some 69 years later, Ipswich, Plymouth, Preston, Manchester United and West Brom were all seen off before Pompey beat Cardiff in the final.

Submissions of no more than 400 words should be sent to colinfarmery@pompeyfc.co.uk by 5pm on Monday, April 18.

Postal submissions to FA Cup Supplement, Portsmouth FC, Frogmore Road, Portsmouth, PO4 8RA. df