Pompey fans buy tickets for others to ‘Pack the Park’

POMPEY'S HOME Fratton Park
POMPEY'S HOME Fratton Park
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GENEROUS fans are giving Pompey’s survival hopes a boost by buying tickets to home matches for fellow supporters.

Last Saturday’s home attendance was strengthened thanks to some fans paying for tickets for those who rarely venture to Fratton Park.

And now, spurred on by fans’ tremendous gestures to Pack the Park, the Pompey Supporters’ Trust and the Pompey’s 12th Man initiative have teamed up to launch the Pay4aPal scheme.

It calls on fans to donate cash via the trust’s Paypal account and it will buy a number of tickets for fans to attend each home game.

The idea was launched after both supporters groups received emails from fans across the globe asking how they can get involved.

Trust spokesman Scott Mclachlan said: ‘Assuming each home game is £20 for an adult we will use the money in £200 chunks to purchase either 10 £20 adults tickets or a combination of adult and child tickets to suit demand.

‘Any monies left over will carry over to the next home game. So, for example, if £600 is raised this week, we will aim to buy at least 30 tickets for Saturday’s game.’

The scheme also calls on local firms to make larger donations towards the cause.

Pompey fans John Kimbell and Tony Goodall bought tickets for other supporters on Saturday.

Mr Kimbell said: ‘I put the idea out on Twitter about a month ago but had no takers.

‘The time of waiting for someone else to come forward and do something has come to an end. If the club goes to the wall you can say you did all you could.’

Mr Goodall added: ‘I would say to people if you have a friend that used to go to the football with you, and you can afford it, sit together and buy them a ticket – it’s a token of friendship and the chance to enjoy the times you used to have.’

Pompey have praised fans for their efforts. A club spokesman said: ‘It’s a fantastic gesture for fans to buy seats for fellow supporters who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to the game. This incredible generosity just goes to show how passionate Pompey fans are about their club and hopefully will help Pack the Park for the remaining home games this season.’

To pay for a pal, email the trust at info@pompeytrust.com. Supporters can send cheques payable to Pompey Supporters Trust to Unit 2, 15 Rodney Road, Portsmouth P04 8TB. You can also find out more information about the scheme via the Pompey Supporters Trust website.