Pompey fans react to Lowe’s red card

Referee Lee Probert gives Jamal Lowe his marching orders Picture: Joe Pepler
Referee Lee Probert gives Jamal Lowe his marching orders Picture: Joe Pepler
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Jamal Lowe saw red on Saturday following a challenge on Rocdale’s Jamie Allen on 81 minutes.

It was a tackle that has generated much debate on our Facebook page Portsmouth FC – The News and on portsmouth.co.uk.

Here’s what fans have been saying on referee Lee Probert’s decision to give the Pompey man his marching orders...

From where I was sat, and after seeing it a few times since, it was never a red card.

They both went in high – just Lowe was quicker to get in there.

Yellow card definitely.

Chris Brennan

From my view initially it was a 50/50 challenge, but Lowe followed through with a straight leg and caught him high on the shin.

I’m sure it’s out of character for Jamal but I think the ref made the correct call.


Has to be an appeal. How could he have made contact if their player wasn’t doing exactly the same?

Poor refereeing I reckon, both or neither!

Shaun Jackson

I think the referee made the right decisions on Saturday and I think he had a good game.

Looking at the Lowe incident again, it was not as nailed on as I first thought.

It was not malicious, but it was dangerous and the decision was, as in the first incident, just about right.

Blue water

It’s not even a yellow for me let alone a red, but this is the FA so they’ll find a way to keep the ban in place.

Ryan Tout

It’s a blatant red card, it would be ridiculous to appeal that. It’s a nasty challenge, which deserves to be punished – Lowe will just have to learn from it.

Jake Meyers

It could just as easily have been Lowe who came a cropper, they both had studs up.

Rob Emery

Looked like they both had studs up to me. Thought it was harsh on first viewing but with the current state of the game regarding tackling probably be upheld.

Andy Skelton

Looked harsh to me at the time.

Richard Sims

Tackle above the knee. Red all day.

Pete Hamilton