Pompey fans react to news Carl Baker can leave

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Pompey midfielder Carl Baker has been told he can leave the club – and that’s generated a lot of comments on portsmouth.co.uk and our Facebook page Portsmouth FC – The News.

Here’s how fans have reacted to the news the 34-year-old, who helped guide the Blues to League Two glory last season, is free to go...

Carl Baker has been told he can leave Pompey Picture: Joe Pepler

Carl Baker has been told he can leave Pompey Picture: Joe Pepler

Thank-you Carl. You have been one of the most dependable players that the previous manager brought in.

I, along with several other fans, will always remember you with good memories. Looks like you will be going home to Coventry after all.


What’s the betting he will sign for Wigan and score against us at the weekend?

I just want to wish him all the best for the future and what he did for the club.

Sorry another Cook signing been shown the door!!

Barry Taylor

We have an unbalanced squad with too many wide players.

Baker isn’t a direct wide player who takes his man on, Jackett wants that.

He isn’t a no.10 like Naismith & Pitman, nor is he a central midfielder. We need a central midfielder.

Baker is one of the top earners at the club. We need to move players on before we can brign others in. So of course it is the right move.

Shaun Nicholls

Eisner loves the youth and whatnot... might that have something to do with it?

Sam Smith

Ridiculous, next it’ll be Burgess, Clarke and Evans who’ll be told to leave.

Connor Moat

I’m not sure losing Baker is a good idea, we need an older level head in midfield.

Mark Sunderland

Great pity. In my view, he is still a classy player who scores goals.

KJ is certainly reducing the average age of the team, and giving the youngsters a go.

I just hope he doesn’t get rid of our talented and experienced oldies too quickly.

Devon Bob

No big loss imo. Blew hot and cold, very inconsistent last season and I found him to be one of the most frustrating players to watch.

Where I sit we’d all be calling for him to be subbed for weeks, then evey now and then would pop up with a bit of magic.

Pompey Calvert 1985