Pompey fans react to Pompey’s transfer business

Pompey boss Kenny Jackett
Pompey boss Kenny Jackett
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Kenny Jackett has admitted his search for a new left-back may prove fruitless.

The Blues boss is currently on the look out for a new left-sided full-back after loanee Tareiq Holmes-Dennis was ruled out for the rest of the season.

But he admitted time may be running out in his search for a replacment, with the summer transfer window shutting in less than two weeks.

That led to followers of our Facebook page Portsmouth FC – The News commenting on Pompey’s summer dealings in general.

To date, Jackett has been able to bring in Nathan Thompson, Brett Pitman. Luke McGee and Tareiq Holmes-Dennis.

But with Holmes-Dennis now back at paretn club Huddersfield and Thompson also out injured, fans have been left underwhelmed by the club’s transfer activity.

Hears what they’ve had to say...

Darren Cook

Needs a lot of investment and bolsting in the squad.

If anything happened with the keeper we would be in real trouble. So need a back up, left-back, centre mid, striker.

If something happened to Pitman that leaves Main and Kabamba to feature more.

Our squad doesn’t look that strong at the moment.

Hopefully the added presence of Clarke at the back will add to strength, but at moment we are a squad that would finish around 14-16th in my opinion.

Robi Lee

I’m very concerned tbh we have a weakened L2 squad with little back up.

Doyle. Forde, Roberts, Stevens all gone. With only Pitman & keeper decent new signings so far.

Relegation battle for me unless we make 3 decent signings in areas needed.

But with ltd transfer budget going to be a long hard season for Jacket & us fans. But pup always a blue.

Ian Nisbeck

We cannot let the window close without recruiting a midfielder and left-back it would be a disaster.

We were told Kenny Jackett was well connected in the game, but we seem to be struggling with recruitment.

As has already been said at the moment, the squad is weaker than last season.

Philip Hibbert

Very concerned, I understand not wanting to make mistakes like previous owners in the past throwing fortunes into the team, but this could turn into a crisis if we don’t bring in some more players before the window closes.

Still need a goalkeeper, left-back midfielder & a striker.

Listed in order of priority the first two equally. Not as strong squad as last season.

Antony Davies

It’s going to be a bit of a problem if no-one comes in.

What angers me is that players were allowed to leave before replacements were signed or at least ready to sign.

Forde, Roberts and Abrorah would all add to the current squad.

Batt Myne

We’ll be fine. Don’t need to do anything this year so it’s actually a good chance to just stay in the league and give youngsters a chance to develop and make mistakes (which is unavoidable).

They’ll never be ready unless we allow that.

Teresa Moor

At the moment are looking at Pitman for goals and defensively in a mess with injuries.

Our squad looks weak at the moment and looking just to stay up instead of going for it and maybe getting into the play-offs.

Aaron Grimble

I like Kenny jackett but must admit I have been far from impressed with our signings.

As a team we are weaker than last season & I certainly think we will struggle this season if that does not change, I hope I am wrong.

Jamie Mansell

Very much need 1 if not 2 CM as well as LB, and need Smith out and probably Kabamba out on loan also as he not looking too fancied under KJ so far.

Richard Sims

Can’t understand why Tornante don’t realise a bit of money.