Pompey fans upbeat after Eisner gets takeover green light

Michael Eisner. Picture: Neil Marshall
Michael Eisner. Picture: Neil Marshall
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Pompey fans have reacted to Michael Eisner’s takeover bid to be accepted.

Here are some of the best responses so far from our Facebook page and our website...

Karl Morris - Get in!

Hugh Kendrick - Great news!

Don Owens - This day should be declared a Pompey holiday!!! Onwards and upwards!!!!!

Phil Hayman - I’m so happy the Trust have seen the light and decided to sell. This is an exciting time to be a Pompey fan I can’t wait to start the journey back to the top.

Terri Tongs - Good news but we must remember the good things everyone involved have done for this club.

BlueFan65 - Brilliant! I think this is the best way forward, I like to thank all those who saved our club with their hard work to get us where we are today, you must feel very proud of yourselves as we are proud of you, so a big welcome to the Eisner family and wish you every success and look forward to exciting times ahead PUP!

rfwBlue - I attended the Guildhall meeting and listened carefully to the respective presentations of Michael Eisner and the Trust.

I came away convinced that the takeover had to be approved.

For me, the level of funding required to address the club’s needs was at a level clearly beyond what the Trust could realistically expect to raise.

I also came away with the view that Eisner was the ‘real deal’. So for me, today’s decision was the right decision for Pompey.

MIGHTYPOMPEY - Good news. This is the way forward. We will still be pioneering by having the influence and wisdom of a heritage board. Thank you PST for all your hard work and commitment in saving Pompey and putting us back on the map.

PFCJL - Good luck Mr Eisner and Tornante. I said from the start I was against the complete takeover but completely appreciate the decision of the PST who saved our club.

The fans have spoken and now we all have to get behind the new owners and support them whether for or against.

Although not done yet, I will definitely be renewing my season ticket and supporting the club no differently than before.

I hope everyone feels the same whichever side of the fence you were on.

Big Phil Pompey - Fantastic. Well done everybody. Thanks to the PST for saving our club and thanks for the vote in favour of the sale.

A great day for the future of Pompey in my opinion. Onwards and upwards. We’re on our way (again).

Pompey Stu - Well done everyone on making what so clearly is the right choice for our future. After a superb effort by the PST/ presidents and all the fans our great club is heading back to where we truly do belong. In you we trust Mr Eisner.

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