Pompey keeper reveals how he solved problem issue

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Luke McGee revealed how he’s reinvented his kicking since arriving at Pompey.

The keeper told how he has undertaken gruelling sessions with goalkeeper coach John Keeley to perfect his technique.

McGee’s form came to the fore against Wigan last weekend when an outstanding performance helped earned his team a point.

The 21-year-old thanked Keeley for helping him to bounce back from a mistake against Oxford to deliver that display.

And the former Spurs man has now told how the Blues staff member has helped another key area of his game.

McGee felt his kicking was a weaker area of his skill set when he joined Pompey in the summer.

It’s been a focus in training for him with the No1 worked hard by Keeley.

And McGhee believes that has reaped dividends.

He said: ‘My kicking wasn’t the best when I first arrived but we have worked on it together with Keelo (John Keeley), changed my technique a little bit and I think it has definitely worked.

‘Sometimes, when you are concentrating on the game, you might not be able to work out why something isn’t working as it should or is not as good as it was the year before.

‘But Keelo brought a couple of things up and we worked on them.

‘With my kicking, we worked on it and I must have kicked 100 balls every day just changing one simple thing to try to make sure my kicking takes the pressure off the team a bit more.

‘It is that day-to-day work on the training ground which gives you the best chance of performing well on the Saturday.

‘But it’s all about trying to make progress and to improve.

‘We have got a good relationship.

‘Touch wood, we haven’t had any rows yet, although he has had a couple of rows arguing for me!

‘He’s a great coach to work with and it also helps having Bassy (Alex Bass), who is a great young keeper to train with. We all work well together. ‘

Meanwhile, McGee has played down his achievements at Wigan.

He feels the back four in front of him also deserve plenty of credit.

McGee said: ‘In a game like that, it’s not all about me.

‘The guys in the back four were superb and they were putting their bodies in the way.

‘There are 11 of us on the pitch and each of us will have to do our job and chip in when we are needed.

‘There will be days when the boys up top bail us out and there will be times when myself and the defenders have to step up.’