Pompey keeper ‘won’t go without a fight’

Stephen Henderson. Picture: Barry Zee
Stephen Henderson. Picture: Barry Zee
Pompey were crowned league champions on this day in 1949. Picture: Pompey History Society

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Stephen Henderson has admitted he knows he could be the next man out the door at Pompey.

But the Blues keeper has underlined his desire to remain at Fratton Park, despite the uncertainty over the club’s future.

Henderson turned in another outstanding display in the 3-1 defeat against Middlesbrough on Saturday.

That has followed on from his maiden senior international call-up for the Republic of Ireland.

His progress is attracting suitors, with Ipswich ready to make another move for the 23-year-old.

Pompey have already cashed in on the likes of Ryan Williams, Erik Huseklepp and now captain Liam Lawrence as they fight for their life.

Henderson confessed he knows there is every chance he could be sacrificed next.

Speculation is rife he will now be on his way after he threw his gloves to the crowd after the weekend loss.

Henderson has nailed his colours to the mast, however, and stated he wants to stay put and keep Pompey in the Championship

He knows the final decision on that front does not rest with him, though.

Henderson, below, said: ‘It’s heartbreaking.

‘Liam Lawrence wasn’t just a great captain, he was a massive character in the dressing room.

‘To lose him is disheartening, of course.

‘But I want to be here playing for these fans and doing everything I can to keep them up.

‘I’ve said that and I stand by it.

‘The decision may be out of my hands, though.

‘Some of the boys have had to go because of the situation we are in.

‘The way I feel, though, is I want to stay and keep this team in the Championship.

‘It has to be done, though. I hate to say it but it’s either that or we go under.

‘That’s the reality of it. The administrator is a good man and he is keeping us in the loop about the cutbacks and everything we need to do.

‘There’s not a better man to get this club back on its feet.

‘But I’m just going to keep playing unless I’m told to go.

‘One thing’s for sure, I won’t go without a fight.’

Henderson bemoaned the crucial award of Middlesbrough’s penalty which sent them on the way to success against the Blues.

He felt Ricardo Rocha did not commit any foul on Seb Hines for the spot-kick.

But he admitted his team did not deserve success.

Henderson said: ‘I don’t think we deserved to win.

‘It wasn’t a penalty and it seems to be every weekend these decisions are going against us.

‘We’ve been done so many times by refereeing decisions now.

‘I’m not having a go at referees but these are the decision which will keep us in the league.

‘They are massive and they aren’t going for us at the minute.

‘But we can’t go around feeling sorry for ourselves.’