Pompey legend: It’s time to start again

Pompey great Alan Knight has had enough of the Blues' woes
Pompey great Alan Knight has had enough of the Blues' woes
Brett Pitman had a great chance to hand Pompey the lead in the first half against Rotherham Picture: Joe Pepler

Knight: Pompey must improve higher up the pitch

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Alan Knight spoke of his anger at Pompey’s demise and insisted: It’s time to start again.

The Blues legend is furious at seeing the club he served loyally for 22 years as a player have their name dragged through the mud.

And the keeper, who made 801 appearances for his one league side, believes the only answer now is to see Pompey liquidated.

Knight is adamant the way forward is for the Blues to start over in the hands of the club’s supporters.

And he feels Michael Appleton’s side will be relegated to League Two next season following their 10-point deduction.

In an emotional outburst, the keeper vowed the club should break free of the ills they are still suffering from by starting afresh.

Knight said: ‘I think the club should be community run and we should start again.

‘People are saying we’ll be out of the league but, the way we’re going, we’ll be out of the league in two years, anyway.

‘We will go down this year with those points being lost. We are in freefall.

‘We need to rebuild. I’ve got good friends at that football club who will lose their jobs. I don’t want to see that.

‘But what is best for the club, in the long run, is to get rid of all this debt.

‘There are hangers-on trying to get their money out of it. We should go bust and start again.

‘People are getting bored of it. Pompey this, Pompey that, Pompey have another mug owner, Pompey have another dodgy story in the news.

‘Do me a favour. We all deserve better than that.

‘People talk about Pompey fatigue. I’m fatigued with Pompey. I’m sick of people asking “what’s going on at your club?”

‘I’m bored of saying the same, old rubbish about them.

‘Sympathy is wearing thin at other clubs because they keep doing it. People get fed up of it in the end.

‘The long and short of it is we’re getting nowhere.

‘We’re still in the same position. We have to take our nasty medicine.

‘It might take us a decade to get back in – but it can be done.’

Pompey still face a fight to stay alive, with administrator Trevor Birch revealing they face liquidation by August 10 unless the club’s top earners leave.

Knight believes the players offered big money are not to blame – but those who handed the deals have to be answerable.

He said: ‘The players haven’t done anything wrong. It’s the people who put them on those contracts who should be held accountable.

‘We put these guys on these deals. Even with (Dave) Kitson and (Liam) Lawrence and what have you, we didn’t learn from what happened before.

‘We still allowed it to happen again.

‘It’s crazy – and I’m sick to death of it.’