Pompey loan verdict: Unfair to compare Oxlade-Chamberlain to his brother

Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain in actions against the Hawks. Picture: Barry Zee
Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain in actions against the Hawks. Picture: Barry Zee
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We spoke to the Eastbourne Herald’s Kevin Anderson to get the lowdown on Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain’s loan spell at Eastbourne Borough.

Here’s what he had to say about the winger...

Some people were a little bit surprised.

The first month was a learning curve. It’s easy to forget how young he is because he’s a tall lad and quite well-built.

The National League South is a good standard and physical, and Oxlade-Chamberlain had to come to terms with that.

That’s been his achievement, as he did exactly that.

He’s good on the ball, got silky skills and is a lovely mover. Early on during his spell he would get smacked off the ball.

Christian looks to much like his dad, Mark Chamberlain, and his brother, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

He’s got the genes of his brother with some of his elegance and his balance.

I think he will go on further in the game.

He came good in the last fixtures, in particular.

Tommy Widdrington used him as an impact substitute.

When Eastbourne played Wealdstone, Oxlade-Chamberlain scored two good goals. It gave him confidence and really stamped his mark.

The jury was still out on him with some supporters as he’d looked good on the ball and then would lose it.

Then he scored two good goals and won them over.

In the very last match of the season he scored the winner in the 93rd minute in the 3-2 victory against St Albans.

He’s a very nice lad, sensible and level-headed.

I think he lives in his brother’s shadow a bit and it’s unfair to compare him.

If their surname was Smith, you’d hardly notice anything like that.

We’d turn up at grounds and opposition supporters would say “Oxlade-Chamberlain, good lord”. It’s unfair to compare them.

Eastbourne’s new boss, Jamie Howell, has a good relationship with Pompey.

I think they would be interested in having Oxlade-Chamberlain back, and you could make an argument for it.

With every month that went by he got tougher and more streetwise.

At 18, he’s still got a little way to go. He’s not a world-beater at the moment, but he will get better.

However, I could count the number of headers he won on one hand throughout the season.

He’s got to man up to that and sometimes was laid back.