Pompey make Tifosy cash pledge

Colin Farmery
Colin Farmery
Pompey boss Kenny Jackett

Realist Jackett pragmatic about Pompey fate

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All additional money raised through FanFunding will continue to be handed over to Pompey’s Academy.

That is the vow from Colin Farmery, who has managed the highly-successful fundraising campaign for the club.

The £250,000 target to help create two youth pitches at Roko was reached on Friday night with two days to spare.

But donations have kept pouring in, with more than £15,000 having been received since.

Regardless of their mission being accomplished, Tifosy’s campaign website will remain open until midnight on Friday.

And Farmery has insisted the extra proceeds will continue to go towards the Blues, as agreed.

He said: ‘Any additional money raised will still go into the Academy.

‘Obviously, the target has been achieved and, for me, it has been an extraordinary privilege to have managed it on behalf of the club.

‘But the actual campaign remains open until Friday evening so there is still the opportunity for people to donate.

‘In terms of the project, pitches are only one aspect of it so any money raised over and above that will help with those.

‘For instance there are dugouts required, fences around the pitches need marking off and equipment to maintain the surfaces such as more lawn mowers have to be bought.

‘With a bit of luck we can total £270-275,000.’

Tifosy have waived their standard fees for the campaign, although The News understands they are entitled to be paid should they ever attain a certain figure considerably above the target.

However, that is not expected to be reached before Friday’s closure.