Pompey set to unveil managerial vision

Pompey chief executive Mark Catlin
Pompey chief executive Mark Catlin
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Pompey’s managerial course will be plotted from Fratton Park today.

At 3pm, the seven-man board will convene for the first time since Guy Whittingham was removed from his position – the issue of his successor inevitably dominating the agenda.

In the aftermath of the sacking, Mark Catlin, aided by Darren Simmons, from Lakeside-based Football Executives, have been exploring their options.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, December 3 – giving the club 11 days until their next match to finalise an appointment.

Yet, tomorrow, the board will identify their ideal managerial make-up, as well as begin the process of sifting through preferred early candidates.

Blues chief executive Catlin said: ‘We have a board meeting today and one of the questions I will be asking the board is – what is the remit?

‘I have my views but it is important as a board that we sit down and discuss what they see the vision for the future of the manager is this year.

‘Is it mid-table? Is it play-offs? Are we going to spend more money? Are we not going to spend more money? Are we going to cut back now? Is it long-term? Are we looking at a manager that is going to build a club for the next three or four years?

‘They are all the decisions and that is what a healthy board does. They sit down and discuss that and, as the instrument for the board, it is my job to find the right person for that role.

‘We will be seeking advice from outside the club as well.

‘We work quite closely with Darren Simmons and he’s got an absolutely wide spectrum of people he speaks to.

‘So while he won’t actually be involved in the choosing of the manager, he – along with four or five others like that – will be finding out about various managers.

‘The one thing we will do is do our homework.

‘At the moment, no-one is ruled in and no-one is ruled out. The board will sit down today, have a good look at the applicants received and they will ask me for anyone I would consider approaching.

‘As a result of that meeting, by Tuesday and Wednesday next week, we are hoping we get to a point where we have a short list.’

Catlin has his own opinions on the managerial photo-fit, a hypothesis which certainly appears to dove-tail with leading candidate Richie Barker. who yesterday was sacked by Crawley. Although, it will remain the board’s decision.

He added: ‘If you are asking me personally, I think it should be somebody who knows these levels. It’s no good having somebody who has worked in the Premier League and doesn’t know the players.

‘Somebody who can stabilise us and get us where we really would like to be – which is in and around the play-offs this year. And that we are confident going forwards 2-3 years to get us promotion and stabilising in the level above.

‘Someone younger trying to prove himself might be more hungry maybe than someone older who has been there and done it.

‘You want someone who is going to get up at 6am and go home at 10pm because they are so driven wanting to get this football club back up the leagues.’