Pompey Supporters’ Trust calls for support ahead of loan meeting

PLEA Mick Williams
PLEA Mick Williams
Wigan boss Paul Cook celebrates promotion. Picture: PA

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POMPEY Supporters’ Trust vice-chairman Mick Williams is calling on people in Portsmouth to contact their councillor ahead of tomorrow’s meeting.

Councillors are due to meet tomorrow to discuss whether Portsmouth City Council should loan the trust £1.4m to help it take over Pompey.

Mr Williams said it is vital a positive outcome is found following the meeting and wants fans to express how important the club is to the city to its council representatives.

He said: ‘If the trust’s becomes the only bid left on the table in the next few days, it is important that we can move quickly to save the club and a bridging loan from the city is an important part of that bid.

‘The alternative would be liquidation of the club that means so much to fans and businesses alike and no professional football in the city for at least a year.

‘We can’t allow that to happen.

‘Fans can help by contacting their own councillor and reminding them of how important our club is to them and the city.’