Pompey tour diary: Magri leads way - for blasting officials

Sam Magri - top row, third from right - before the match with Gibraltar
Sam Magri - top row, third from right - before the match with Gibraltar
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A captain should be diplomatic, respectful and should address the match officials in a dignified manner at all times.

Perhaps Sam Magri should take note.

The 18-year-old was as proud as they come, having been asked by Michael Appleton to skipper the side against Gibraltar.

It meant the world to the Fratton youngster, born and bred within the city with blue blood coursing through his veins.

However, he could not but help be disappointed by the subsequent 4-0 defeat on Friday– and the dubious performance of the rather-portly match referee.

Still, at least Magri bottled up his criticism until walking away from the stadium with other members of the touring squad as they headed for the team bus.

At that point, he exploded with a furious diatribe and some particularly forthright views while debating the match officials’ performance.

Unfortunately, the defender didn’t realise the gentlemen walking right in front of him were the very same controversial referee and linesman from the Gibraltar match – and from their reaction, they heard every word.

Autograph hunters were out in force by the picturesque Gibraltar harbour following Pompey’s defeat.

It’s just a shame none of them were too familiar with Pompey.

A young lady with a teddy bear posed next to Mick ‘Beef’ Cornett, from the medical department, for a photograph and was genuinely delighted with her find.

A few other Gibraltan fans followed her lead after sensing they were in the presence of somebody important.

Meanwhile, kit man John Wilson was mightily chuffed when a man drinking a bottle of beer observed from the bar that he ‘looks like a footballer’.

Not sure all Fareham Town fans will agree, having seen him perform on the pitch in recent times.

Then there was masseur Colin Clement, who was approached by a rather merry gentleman in the aftermath of a glorious victory.

‘Excuse me,’ he enquired, ‘Aren’t you the Pompey manager? Show us your guns.’

Thankfully, Colin declined to pretend to be king and pointed him in the right direction.