Pompey Trust defends record

Colin Farmery speaking at the first meeting of the Pompey Supporters' Trust at the Rifle Club in Goldsmith Avenue
Colin Farmery speaking at the first meeting of the Pompey Supporters' Trust at the Rifle Club in Goldsmith Avenue
Dave Birmingham. Picture: Neil Marshall

Birmingham wins Irish friends as he eyes future title

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They’ve had to fight off the critics and doubters at every corner.

But, 12 months on, the Pompey Supporters’ Trust believe they are stronger than ever.

What’s more, they have declared their performance a success so far.

And spokesman Scott McLachlan hasn’t given up hope of one day putting a fan on the Blues board.

Yesterday, the group marked their first anniversary since being officially launched.

That was on February 11, 2010, at the Rifle Club, Fratton.

And since then almost 2,400 fans have become members.

Despite such an impressive start, it hasn’t stopped some sections of Pompey’s fans criticising a perceived lack of progress.

It’s a view disputed by McLachlan, one of the Trust’s board members.

He insists the group have chalked up plenty of success, including establishing dialogue between the fans and the football club.

And they still have every intention to push for the ultimate aim of fan representation in the Pompey board room.

McLachlan said: ‘We need to talk to the owners and the owners to talk to us. You cannot negotiate with someone who won’t talk to you.

‘It is not impossible getting fan representation at the moment.

‘But they (the owners) have said they want to sell the club so clearly they aren’t the future.

‘We definitely are the future.

‘If the fans continue to support us over the next year or two, they will definitely see a more organised Trust which can help rebuild the image of the football club.

‘People have criticised but we have created a living, breathing entity and got the backing from a lot of Pompey fans. That has to be a success in anyone’s book.

‘One of our major achievements has been getting dialogue between the club and the fans, something pretty much unheard of before.

‘We have unprecedented access at the moment. Now we meet with David Lampitt every six or seven weeks.

‘What we need to do is convince people over the next weeks and months that we are the future, and joining us will allow them to make sure Portsmouth Football Club lasts well into the 21st century.’

Among the Trust’s achievements are helping fund the Study Centre’s ‘Book Swap’ as well as being involved in the mural initiative around Fratton Park.

Work has now begun on the Pompey Supporters’ Trust Charity.

In addition, the Trust have helped the city council strive to update the covenant on Fratton Park to safeguard its future.

They have also created a regular fans’ conference, aimed at uniting all Pompey fans’ groups.

Membership renewals are now due as the Trust looks to build on their first year in operation.

For more information, visit pompeytrust.com or email info@pompeytrust.com