Pompey will not buy way out of League One

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POMPEY will never buy their way to the league title.

But the Blues’ playing budget for next season is not set in stone.

Pompey director Andy Redman

Pompey director Andy Redman

Director and Tornante president, Andy Redman, underlined the club will steer away from throwing huge sums at recruitment.

The club’s owners have been consistent about their policy of organic growth, from the moment their interest in buying Pompey was announced.

And Redman underlined their policy of not throwing big sums of cash at strengthening on the pitch is consistent with that standpoint.

Redman said: ‘As a general statement, buying our way to a title is not going to be the way we’re going to go at any point in time in 50 years.

‘We’re all ambitious, so there’s significant investment into that category of stuff.

‘But there are lots of good examples of clubs managed well and showing it’s not only about budgets.

‘And there are other clubs with huge budgets not managed well.

‘Similar to the amount of research on the stadium, we might ask Kenny (Jackett) to do that much research on a player he wants to bring in or the opportunity to get a player out.

‘That’s how we deal with it. We’re going to be smarter and longer term.’

Pompey’s playing budget will not dramatically change from the one currently in place, believed to be in the region of £3.2m.

But the club’s owners were not rigid with Kenny Jackett’s war chest this season – and that stance will remain.

Redman added: ‘We’d never tout to anyone, but the line moved at some point last year.

‘Because we don’t tell people the first line and the second line, it’s not relevant to describe that.

‘But we are believers. If there’s a right opportunity for the long term of the club, we’ll do it.

‘That can happen at any point in time in any part of our business – including the first team.

‘We’re always open to talking.’