Redknapp: I’ll talk to Kanu

Harry Redknapp talks to Nwankwo Kanu. Picture: ''Michael Jones
Harry Redknapp talks to Nwankwo Kanu. Picture: ''Michael Jones
Dave Wright. Picture: Colin Farmery

Boss hoping Wright can bolster Pompey’s squad

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FORMER Pompey boss Harry Redknapp has revealed he will talk to Nwankwo Kanu over reaching a pay compromise.

It comes as the club’s administrator Trevor Birch revealed yesterday the club will be liquidated on August 10 unless deals can be reached with the high earners.

Redknapp signed Kanu, who has lodged a claim for £3m, from West Brom in 2006 and wants to talk to him in a bid to save the club.

Speaking to ESPN, Redknapp said: ‘I will be ringing Kanu to see if there is anything I can do. I signed him for Portsmouth on a one-year contract and Tony Adams told me: “You must be mad, he is finished”. Six years later, he is still there.

‘In the case of Tal Ben Haim, if players have a contract and are owed money, you can see why they think they should get it. But if the club closes down they won’t get a penny. They will need to think hard about that.’

‘Portsmouth has got to be saved. It’s a great club with great traditions. It would be a disaster if this club went out of business.

‘It has great fans to the extent that, if you live in Portsmouth, you are a Portsmouth supporter. If you walk around in that town, you don’t see people wearing Manchester United or Arsenal shirts.

‘It is soul-destroying to see them in this predicament, there must be a group of people out there or someone who could take over the club so cheaply and save them.

‘I would love to see someone do that. Surely it cannot happen that Portsmouth go out of business.

‘If someone did come in, the club could be resurrected quickly. It wouldn’t take a lot to get it going again.’