Spirit is strong as Blues clean up at Cheltenham

Steve Cotterill did not use his week off to hold further talks with Balram Chainrai
Steve Cotterill did not use his week off to hold further talks with Balram Chainrai
Pompey boss Kenny Jackett Picture: Joe Pepler

Pompey weighing up retaining new system

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Pompey hope their winning streak continues – after they bashed the bookies at Cheltenham.

Steve Cotterill gave his men two days off this week after a busy period of fixtures.

The Blues squad used one of those days to go to the horse racing festival as part of a team-bonding exercise.

Many clubs use one of the biggest weeks in the sporting calendar as a social occasion which they can attend together and help build morale.

Cotterill was pleased with the manner in which his players took it upon themselves to arrange the day out, and was happy to give it the green light.

He felt that was an indication of the togetherness in the squad’s ranks.

Cotterill said: ‘The players were at a sponsors’ event on Monday, which they were asked to attend.

‘They then had Tuesday and Wednesday off.

‘They all chose to get themselves together, every single one of them, and go to the racing at Cheltenham on Tuesday.

‘That was first class and I was pleased with that.

‘For them to spend all the time together they have over the past few months, and still feel like they wanted to spend another day with each other and go horse racing is excellent.

‘From what I heard they did okay, too – so hopefully their winning streak continues!’

Cotterill gave the four-day festival a miss to plan ahead at Pompey.

Talks with the club’s owner Balram Chainrai were not on the agenda, however.

Cotterill said ‘I didn’t go along myself. I had a couple of meetings.

‘It was my first clear week so I had to meet a couple of people. They weren’t with Mr Chainrai, though.

‘Otherwise I definitely would have been there.’